Monday Semei

Message from the Guild President

On behalf of Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP) Guild of Students, I extend a warm welcome to our new and returning KYP students. 

To our new Students, I say welcome to Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP) family and congratulations on choosing to enhance your educational capacity during a time when we are faced with a pandemic that is threatening various aspect of our lives. To our returning students, I say welcome to the new academic year where there will be new experiences, new challenges, and new successes.

In these unprecedented times, it is a privilege to be a member of a Polytechnic that is equipped to facilitate all its students during the midst of a global pandemic. I trust that you will all adopt to the situation

You are now pursuing an online tertiary education from one of the most renowned institution in the western Uganda, an asset that you will utilize for your personal development, regional integration, and the development of meaningful partnership.
The administration and staff of the Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP) is also a valuable asset to each of you. As a student, I can attest to the dedicated, caring, and supportive staff and administration that will be your pilot through your flight with Open Campus. 

While the administration and staffs are the pilots, the Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP) Students Guild is happy to serve as your flight attendants. The Guild of students is here to ensure that you have smooth journey that is filled with not only diversity and inclusion but social, educational, and cultural growth, participation, and representation. 

As Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP) Guild President, I can assure you that the Guild is a group of students that is for the students. We are tasked with ensuring that all your needs are being met. We are here to allow social and academic inclusion, policy development and representation in any way or aspect that will benefit the students at the Polytechnic.  The Guild of Students has numerous activities planned, both online and at the different Sites. Some of these activities include social, educational, and financial activities. 

Once again, welcome to Kasese Youth Polytechnic (KYP). The Guild encourages you all to aim for excellence, to participate in different initiatives, build your character, become a lifelong learner and to be that “Light Rising from the West”. 

Together We Can Make It Happen 
Guild President