Driving School.

The institution intends to begin a driving school to partly aid the automotive students in the learning of driving skills and on the other side to help the institution to earn income from trainees who will enroll from out side ,this will be fully funded by Enabel Direct grant 2022.this school “Driving School “will be operated by Kasese Youth Polytechnic Automotive Department, it will be called KYP Driving School and planned to begin before August 2022.

Milling Machine.

The institution will also install a maize and cassava milling machine with funding from the Enabel Direct Grant and School locally generated income, with help from the production units in Building Construction and Electrical Installation Department. this project will reduce the cost spend on students posho as the school plans to go commercial on the side of maize planting

Digital Hub.

The institution is in the process of establishing a Digital Hub where all the ICT services will be housed, this will be one stop center for all ICT services. The institution will advertise these services to the out side community and earn income .some of the services will be internet services, printing services,3D printing services, Computer repair and maintenance, Website designing and Hosting, ICT upskilling Training,

Hall hire services.

For corporate functions, meetings and seminars the school has halls for hire ,this is done depending on the type of function, number of guests and time to use( days or hours)