Mr. Odongo Olunyu Terence-Deputy Principal Administration

Message from Deputy Principal Administration

For Uganda to achieve Vision 2040, there is need for quality human resource. The quality of the workforce is directly related to the quality of the training it receives and by extension, the quality of instruction in middle level training institutions. Kasese Youth Polytechnic, in this regard, has been keen to offer quality technological training geared towards achieving its mission: To provide quality skills training for technicians that are responsive to the labor market demands”. Indeed, we all recognize that in today’s competitive global market, it takes the expertise of talented engineers, scientists and technologists as well as the fulfilled hands of craftsmen and technicians to produce quality goods and services for both local consumption and the export market.

Kasese Youth Polytechnic has grown from strength to strength. The most recent achievement of Polytechnic includes among others:

  • The Construction of the school fence
  • Planting fruit trees and other species of trees around the compound
  • Working on the visibility plan of the polytechnic
  • Working to towards Becoming a Centre of Excellence in Electrical and Solar Energy
  • Steady growth in infrastructure development especially workshops.
  • Excellent training performance in Electrical and Renewable Energy ,Building construction, Plumbing and Automotive Mechanics
  • Successful staff development at all levels in order to improve staff competency. especially in management and ICT