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Why Kasese Youth Polytechnic

KYP is located in Kasese District in Nyamwamba Division in Kihara Cell at Rukoki just 500 meters behind Kasese District Headquarters.
List of formal Courses 1. National Certificate in Building Construction (NCBC) 2. National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM) 3. National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance (NCES) 4. National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL) The non-formal courses available are; 1. Hair Dressing, Tailoring, 2. Welding, 3. Brick laying, 4. Plumbing, 5. Carpentry and joinery, 6. Electrical systems Installation and maintenance 7. Motor vehicle and motorcycle mechanics, 8. Building construction, 9. Solar Systems Installation and Maintenance.
Formal Courses-These are courses which led to the award of National Certificate in different courses by Uganda Business Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) as examination body and it’s for those who are interested in acquiring technical knowledge and skills. The course takes for two years and it is offered by those who pass with Uganda Junior Technical certificate, Uganda community Polytechnic Certificate and Those who complete senior four (S4 leavers) and Pass with grade one to grade four as Government guidelines say, a Candidate must have passed Maths, English and Science subjects. Under these courses student acquire soft skills like communication skills, Kiswahili, entrepreneurship, life skills and computer application Non Formal Course-They are offered to those who never went to school but can be trained skills and qualify to get modular certificate, Also P7 leavers, School dropouts and S4s can be trained skills and qualify for level I and II certificate and anybody with a technical certificate qualify for Workers pas’ certificate. These courses take 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
Formal courses ,Fee- 650,000= Per Term and Non formal 600,000 = for the whole course(3-6 months)

What we offer

Formal courses ,Fee- 650,000= Per Term and Non formal 600,000 = for the whole course(3-6 months)
The contacts of the institution are Principal -0775000414 Deputy Principal Academics-078254944
You can apply on line by clicking apply now button on our website or email us on
Use the contacts above to get well directed on how to pay and where

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